Sleigh Bells Ring



The Christmas Tree celebrations for children and adults was held in the Village center on 26th December 2015. This was admirably organised by Captain Julius Valladares and his team mates, Canute Monteiro, Merwyn D’mello, pretty ladies, Shaila Dias, Avina D’Souza, Vera Monteiro and others. Laughter and shreaks of delight filled the evening air as the children enjoyed themselves in races for prizes, much dancing and fun events. As the excited children sang “Jingle Bells” running around helter-skelter looking for Santa, their eyes popped in amazement and delight as Santa Claus arrived from the outskirts in an open sleigh pulled by two life sized reindeer ! Kudos Julius for this innovative treat ! Santa regaled the children distributing sweets, singing and dancing with them, and finally giving each of them refreshments and christmas gifts. Santa made us all happy !


With inputs from Tyronne Concescio and Photographs courtesy Andrew D’Sylva


Author: Stanislaus Baptista

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  1. The hard work you guys are doing on the village is very good. The events you have to keep the people in the villlage happy is so good. I visit this site very often. Sorrel and myself do not recognise some people in the village.

    Happy New year

    Junie d’silva

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