Whist Drive – 7th August 2018

Whist Drives organized by the Matharpacady Residents Welfare Association at St. Isabel’s hall have been a regular monthly feature since the past two years.  However, in July 2018 the Whist Drive had to be cancelled due to the heavy rains. The Whist Drive on Tuesday evening, 7th August 2018, was  under the leadership of Gerard Viegas, and Stan Baptista. Gerard Viegas played a notable supervisory role as a judge to ensure fair play with eight tables by the thirty two participants in two sessions of six card games each. Before commencing the Whist, Gerard Viegas requested all to stand in silence in remembrance of the Late Mr. Clifford Gore who expired in June. Mrs. Carole Viegas then lead all in a short prayer for the repose of his soul.

All the  participants were eagerly applying their minds and skills at this enjoyable card game to pleasantly pass the Monsoon blues away in friendship and cheer. Hot tea, Chicken Patties and Biscuits were freely served at the half time break. 

Attractive cash prizes were awarded to many winners from the highest to even the lowest scores.  The delighted recipients – Mrs. Dulcina Vaz,  with 89 points was the first prize winner with highest points in both sessions. The prize for the highest score in the first half was awarded to Mr. Linus Santhumayor with  50 points and the prize for the highest score in the second half was awarded to  Mrs. Judy D’Souza with 48 points. The prize for the lady with the lowest score was given to Ms. Marie Pereira  (70 points) and the prize for the gent with the lowest score was given to Mrs. Joanita D’Costa, (who played as a gent) with 62 points. They all received the gifts to much applause from all the others present.

Mr. Gerard Viegas thanked the participants and guests for making this a happy memorable function, besides the Trustees & Management of St. Isabels High School. Mr. Agnello Fernandes invited all present to come for the Whist Drive organised by the Rosarian Senior Citizens Association on Thursday, 16th August 2018 at 6.00 pm at Rosary Church, Dockyard Road, School basement. As usual, the participants requested the Committee Members to organize such Whist Drives regularly before bidding “Good Night”. The Welfare Associations purpose is to bring families closer together at these functions, fostering a spirit of friendship and co-operation so as to strengthen and build the Catholic community.

Author: Stanislaus Baptista

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