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And the winners are…

The Quizzz!  


Matharpacady Cross Feast 2020

1st place: Denzil Dsilva         2nd place: N3          3rd place: Caray

The Magical Movie Quizzz!


1st place: Shazam          2nd place: Scarlet          3rd place: Luna


Hey!  There’s more excitement coming out of Matharpacady.

SOON on this Blog: A pictorial trot in three parts down some old and new Village stories.  Lots of hidden clues. Hidden answers.


There’s a mind-blowing                                 

Matharpacady Memories Quizzz on  

The Village that was and The

Village that is!

Think!!! Did you play hop scotch, gilli danda, seven tiles, tops, ironies, dabba doobie, fly kites?  Did you get caught up to tricks in the jungle of a garden at Bapties (Raja Bungalow, wasn’t it)? Were you Christian enough to know who was thrown in the Lion’s Den? Did you play Badminton at the Militia Club? Billiards at the Matharpacady Club? Did you whistle at the St Isabel’s girls? Climb Mazagon Hill? From the wrong side?  Swim with a Dalda dabba at Kasara Bunder or The Pier? Get spotted by the aunties who used to take their evening walks there? Ever had a drink at Cardoz’? Hung onto windows/terrace ledges to watch one of the bands rehearse – Caravelles, Busy Bees, Bonaventures? Or Frankie’s old boys on Sundays? Fought to ring the bell for prayers?  Watched ghosts at night in the gullies? Hiding football bladders? Tried to hitch a ride to BPT to fetch the flags for the feast? Were you an extra in the filming of Keating’s “The Perfect Murder?”  Were you a quaint mix between an innocent lamb and a bit of a village hooligan? In a nice way, of course?

Our Quizzz Mistress is certainly not nice!  She’s going to mess with your memory!  It’s your challenge to compete and prove that your smarts are better than hers!

Shhh!  But we’re on your side.  (We’ve hidden plenty of clues above). You gotta use your grey matter… There are hints and answers in the linked Walk down Memory Lane

Follow this link and bone up on Matharpacady Past to win a quizzz in the future. (And, ooooh, await our picture pages of old juicy gossip and ghost stories)


ALERT!  Grand Tambola

8.30 p.m. Sunday June 28, 2020

Matharpacady Village

A successful village beats with one heart!

Author: Stanislaus Baptista

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