Cross Feast – Down Memory Lane

The Holy Cross Oratory is a religious landmark, well over a century old, situated in the heart of  Matharpacady Oart, popularly known as “THE VILLAGE”.

The solemn Novena Services every year start on 22nd April.  The Feast of  the Holy Cross is celebrated on 1st May, commencing with the Eucharistic Sacrifice and followed by joyous festivities.

The devotions at the Holy Cross Oratory are a living witness to the rich spiritual heritage and faith of  our forefathers. Many stalwarts from the Village have made ardent efforts to preserve and continue these noble traditions for posterity.

The families in Matharpacady Village have always rallied around the Holy Cross Oratory over the many decades, in times of  emergency and distress, praying most fervently, especially to our Saviour and Redeemer, the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Roque.  They have never failed to heed and answer the cries of  those in pain and need. Since the past couple of years, Rosary is recited daily by a group of residents.

We bring you some memories of our Feast Day celebrations down the years.

Author: Stanislaus Baptista

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